Lavender Bird Sachet

Birdies Swarovski 800x533.jpg
Birdies Swarovski 800x533.jpg

Lavender Bird Sachet


Unique 3D soft sculpture french Provence lavender sachets in the shape of a bird. I use only high quality, designer fabric and material. The soothing scent will hast for years. Just gently squeeze the bird and it will release a new burst of beautiful french Provence lavender scent.

This Provence lavender sachet bird will keep your drawers smelling fresh and keep the moths away. Not only that, lavender scent is known as a great stress reliever. Have it in your bag while you commute, or have it on your desk top and when work and stress gets the better of you, just take a whiff and feel better.

The Provence lavender sachet birds perch well. You can find them on top of the computer screen or just hanging out in your office and inspiring you.

Made with original pattern and design. All items in my shop are made by me every step of the way to ensure quality craftswomanship.

Dimension: approximately 2 inch high and 3-1/2” long.

Listing is for one large size lavender sachet bird.

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