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Whimsical Personal Lil' Muses ~ Les Musettes™

Jean Lin is the creator/owner/artisan of Les Musettes by LA MUSE KALLIOPÊ™. Jean's idea of Les Musettes™ or “little muses” came about during the summer of 2008, while in France, where she resided for almost a decade and worked in the luxury goods industry.

Taught by a grandmother with highly gifted sewing and crafting skills, Jean has enjoyed creating unique designs since her tender years. Yep, she’s gotten her little fingers pierced with a running machine needle on a pre WWII Singer sewing machine on a few occasions but that never deterred her. This passion (making art and play things) breathes life into her aesthetically pleasing, unexpected works of art.

Two former chemistry teachers in Hawaii helped mold her artistry philosophy. Mr. Ishii taught her during high school to not nullify “unintended mistakes” because they may lead to unexpected but great inventions. Dr. Decarlo of the School of Ocean Earth Science and Technology taught her, when the instruments or materials aren’t readily available “improvise” and make your own.

Think outside of the box Jean did.

Jean’s designs are further influenced by a respect and admiration of the beauty, diversity, and unique quality of all the places she has lived and visited. Hints of these special characteristics are apparent in her artwork and led her to develop Ori-Sculpture™to create Les Musettes™. 

Ori-Sculpture™ combines creating plush objects through soft sculpture methods while folding the fabric in ways resembling origami.  Les Musettes combine French chic and sophistication, Japanese-like alluring cuteness & Hawaiian vibrant color play. Not surprising. she has resided a decade each in Hawaii, East Asia and France.