Snowball Nugget Dragonette - Frosted Pink

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Snowball Nugget Dragonette - Frosted Pink

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Nugget Dragonette from Snowball Collection ~ Frosted Pink with a tail.

Nugget has a super power. Its nose sniffs out golden opportunities and good fortunes for you.

Heart Ribbons- A Wish is you heart’s desire.

Tail - Queuy (pronounced Q-yee). Gives you an extra helping hand.

Available in seven colors. For reference please see here.

To interact. Make a wish and tie a knot. When the wish comes true, untie, and you will see a heart on my back again.

Illustrated instructions on how to interact with your DRAGONETTE™ will accompany your purchase.

Please note ribbon colors may differ from the ones show in this listing. If you’d like the same exact pairing or certain color combinations please let us know during checkout.

An alternative way to interact with the Heart Ribbon DRAGONETTE™:
Each heart, has two leaves. Like yours and mine. Significance: Turn a new leaf, start anew. Every moment is a new beginning. A new happiness. A new adventure.

When this “newness” enters your life flip the heart leaves ‘inside out’. As you meet new adventures then reverse the flip or use a additional heart leaves to signify. The new look DRAGONETTE® with “flipped” hearts will be a constant reminder of your new beginnings.

Mix it up. Make your own rules on how you want to interact and connect with your Knotty Heart DRAGONETTE!

Made to Order

Dimension- Approximately 3 inch Tall by 3 inch Long. [8cm x 8cm]

Actual item varies from photo as a new piece of fabric will be cut.

Very soft fabric.

Available in different colors.

Child safe construction following CPSIA Guidelines for ages 3+

All copyrights reserved.

Interactive WannaBe DRAGONETTE™ are collectibles artisan crafted in the New York Metropolitan Area (NYC) from original designs and concept by Jean Lin.

Made with more than 90% recycled material.

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