Interact with your DRAGONETTE™ to bring out your best. A DRAGONETTE is your champion, cheerleader, and best friend forever (bff). Set your goals and let your DRAGONETTE be your sweet partner in crime as you persevere and work hard to achieve your dreams.

WannaBe DRAGONETTE- Unleash Your Power to shape two futures. As you accomplish your goals your WannaBe DRAGONETTE grows along with you. Together you both Realize Your Dreams!

KnottyHeart DRAGONETTE- Unleash Your Power to achieve. Your KnottyHeart Dragonette will inspire you to Realize Your Dreams over and over…as long as your heart desires.

Different characters to connect with and different ways to interact. Let's saturate our world with big smiles, love and inspiration.
All products are original designs and concept by Jean Lin.   
Handmade in the New York Metropolitan Area                                                                                                     




Glow-In-The-Dark Fangs - When the lights go out, I'm still here for you.

Secret Keeper - Tell me your wishes. Zipped are my lips.

Oh La La Mustache™- How chic is that!

SpeakEasy - Need I say more?

Ninja - Your Silent Protector

Shaggy - Here to help when life gets hairy.

Unicorn - Happy go lucky charm.

Queuey™ (pronounced QYeee) - Its tail acts as an extra hand when you need it the most.

How Now Cow™ - Understanding & Loyal

Uniphant™ - Never Forgets Yours Wishes